Dave Hurley


Training and sales enablement can sometimes be a very under-rated field because we assume that marketing covers these point but marketers are typically trying new directions and messages and forget. I understand that sometimes the constant drum-beat of a single message is the most important message you can put out.

My experiences in training have been wide and some have been amazing. I've been seen by over 50 million people at Disney’s EPCOT Center in a teaching demonstration of video technology and I developed and personally led the TDK/Videonics Moviemaking Road Show that appeared in over 50 cities worldwide and delivered over 20,000 paying customers to learn how to script, shoot, edit, title and add special effects to their video productions. We built a loyalty program of supporting users who paid gate admission to learn about the products they purchased and then purchased more in their appreciation and excitement. That's the kind of training I love.