Dave Hurley

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Thoughts on Marketing:

The job of marketing is to sell to people when you can't be in front of them. So many of us forget to look at our market positioning, and branding to present a clear message of value. We forget that we are all hit with thousands of messages a day. What is the one key message you want people in the consideration of your product to get and what will convert that to sales.

Are you using the right mix of awareness, search, social media and PR to get your message out? Are your efforts effectively reaching your audience and lifting sales?

The deeper the technology message I'm chartered with delivering, the more I try to step back to look at your products from well outside the norm. Sometimes we forget that key decision makers aren't always as informed or knowledgeable about our business and services as we assume. Perhaps the specifier understands but the buyer has no clue. Could a minor change bring big results?

Marketing Tools and Shows

I’ve created and implemented awareness programs, consideration POS/POP displays like award wining videos and effective product packaging and enablement tools to help others repeat the success. I’ve planned, and executed PR junkets, new-product road shows, and have executed large (200'x500') and small trade shows 10'x10' in a wide variety of sectors in NAM, EMEA and APAC

Marketing Examples